Fire Marshal/Fire Warden Fire Extinguisher Course
1/2 Day (4 Hours) Valid for 3 years

This Fire Marshal/Fire Warden Fire Extinguisher course is delivered over four hours and is designed to help employers meet their obligation under HSE Guidance for the use of Fire Extinguishers and to comply with the guidance and criteria of the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 and Fire (Scotland) regulations 2006.

Duration the course, students will develop the skills and knowledge of the duties of a Fire Marshal/Fire Warden regarding the fire safety arrangements within their workplace and actions and procedures to be adopted when a fire occurs. They will also participate in a practical demonstration and use it on a live fire. This live fire can be electronically simulated if live fire practice is not practical.

HTS Instructors are all very experienced training and fire safety practitioners with many years of experience in Industrial, Transport, Commercial, Office, Shop, and Emergency Response Training. They will always tailor each course to the individual needs of the class and workplace setting as required.

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