DGSA Course
5 Days (35 Hours)

This DGSA course is delivered over five days and is designed to help Candidates to prepare for the DGSA exams as required by the ADR Regulation Section 1.8.3 and HSE Guidance for the transport of hazardous goods by road.

During the course, students will develop the skills and knowledge needed to attain a DGSA Qualification. The course involves five days of input in preparation for the SQA Accredited Exams Core, Road, and All Classes. The Course can accommodate candidates who do not wish to do Core, Road, and all Classes at the same time — it can be split so each exam can be done at different times.

HTS Instructors are all very experienced First Aid practitioners with many years of experience in Industrial, Transport, Commercial, Office, Shop, and Emergency Trauma Response Training. They will always tailor each course to the individual needs of the class and workplace setting as required.

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