Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC Periodic Training
All of our CPC training is done via our CPC partner Driver Hire

Our courses are designed to make Driver CPC training interesting, relevant and interactive (because we know drivers don't like being in the classroom!).
Driver Hire Driver CPC Training will:
• Ensure you are treated like a professional
• Ensure your training is delivered by properly qualified instructors with real-world experience
• Give you the opportunity to be rewarded with a certificate of training that recognises your professional status
Our extensive library of training topics includes:
1. Manual Handling
2. Health and safety Introduction and Site Related
3. Driving Commercially in the UK
4. Fuel Efficient Driving
5. EU Drivers Hours & RT(WT) Regulations
6. Digital Tachograph
7. Dealing with On-Road Occurrences
8. Safe Loading and Unloading
9. Customer Services
10. Road Traffic Law
11. Emergency First Aid
Legal Information:
By now, all drivers should have a Driver Qualification Card, or DQC. There are a small number of exemptions, but as everyone now knows, if you’re a professional large goods vehicle driver (C, C1, C+E or C1+E) or PCV equivalent, then Driver CPC is an ongoing obligation.

Ongoing Requirement:

Whether the initial DQC was gained as part of the drivers’ initial licence acquisition or by attending Driver CPC training courses, Driver CPC is an ongoing requirement. It is mandated by EU law (Directive 2003/59) and is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of drivers, as well as enhancing safety on our roads.


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